Kaleidoscapes - Wall Art

These paintings are created without brush or palette knife. Liquid acrylic is poured onto the canvas and the entire canvas manipulated to achieve the desired effects. The abstract artist Morris Louis used a similar technique but with thinned oil paint on unprimed canvas. I also have used the poured paint technique to make pure abstracts, but this series is intended to convey the essence of the landscape. Van Gogh once told his friend Claude Schuffenecker, “…do not copy Nature too slavishly. Art is abstraction; take your abstraction from Nature by dreaming about it, but think more of what remains to be made than about the result.” What is left out is often as important as what is put in. I believe the goal of the artist is to reflect the essence of something rather than reproduce it - cameras do a much better job of that. This technique is the best way I have found of expressing my relationship to the landscape. The term “Kaleidoscape” obviously refers to the kaleidoscope. Manipulating the canvas puts me in mind of a child’s kaleidoscope that has to be turned in order to shuffle the bits of glass and such to create new patterns. The final “Kaleidoscape” also has elements of kaleidoscope images in it.

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